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What types of content will most effectively attract customers from your competitors? In Semrush, you can see that Betterment is ranking for a lot of 401k keywords, but which ones are driving the most traffic? Luckily, Semrush will list URLs for each keyword when you export a CSV file. All you need to do is go to Domain Overview, add the URL, and search by Exact URL.

  • So, SEO content gap analysis will involve multiple steps and an audit of your site.
  • As you develop content and optimize it for particular keywords, you will want to look at the pages that already rank highly on the SERPs.
  • Before we dive into Content Gap Analysis, it’s worth pointing out that “Gap Analysis” has been around for a very long time.
  • This will give you an idea of just how much new content is needed moving forward.
  • Once you have a list of competitors, you can run a keyword gap analysis to find the keywords they rank for.

​You can take a look at the distribution of authority across your competitors link profile (as well as your own). Each vertical will also likely have some specific traffic types to look at. ECommerce businesses, for example, might also want to analyze category traffic. A SaaS business, on the other hand, might want to look at the performance of their documentation or partner pages. In most SEO tools, you can find this data in the overview section for the site. Technical SEO includes activities like crawl budget optimization, faceted navigation (especially for eCommerce stores), web performance optimization, and managing indexation.
A content gap analysis helps brands find new areas and topics to rank for that they might not have known about otherwise. While thinking about your content in relation to your competition is a part of a content gap analysis, you should still be focused on the customer and what your new content topics can provide to them. To help you achieve your content goals, a strategy called a content gap analysis can be employed to help you refocus your content topics and find areas that are less competitive to publish content about. A content gap analysis can help you uncover areas in which to grow your content strategies, ultimately boosting your SEO, helping you rank higher on search results, and taking in your competitor’s traffic.
Receiving a link from a website like this is considered an incredibly powerful vote of confidence in Google’s eyes. The more you can do this, the better it’ll be for your rankings and organic traffic. You should end up with a list of grouped keywords that have search volume and traffic potential. This means you can focus on categories that have the greatest potential for traffic without wasting money on content first.
A communications business might instead want to create content about Voice Intelligence and helpful collaboration tools for remote work. And a beauty retailer could generate posts around at-home peels and masks and prebiotic skincare. After you’ve analyzed your main website and any other relevant areas, you can go ahead and analyze your competitors’ content. An SEO competitor analysis report will be crucial for uncovering gaps that exist as a result of them covering certain topics in greater depth than you do. You can carry this out most efficiently by using SE Ranking’s Competitive Research tool, as we mentioned earlier. Once you’ve downloaded your content audit analysis template, it’s time to start analyzing the main areas of your website.
My main website is getting more visits and I’m positioning myself in very interesting keywords. I have started a small project and it is already

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getting interesting organic traffic, without having invested in linkbuilding, only with in linkbuilding, only with content optimization. Content gap analysis re-examines aspects of your marketing strategy to identify problems and opportunities in content creation.
We’ve used this SEO gap analysis approach on many search marketing consultancy projects in financial services, retail, and travel sectors. It’s a great way to review areas where your SEO performance is poor and see how you can tap into new opportunities. For this, all content is compared to an inventory of targets defined by the company. Clarity regarding the personas provide information about requirements, behaviors and interactions of the users. The user requirements are filled in for every field, such as information on a certain topic. By adding your business goals, it can be ensured that the content contains the right appeal (such as call to action).
For example, if you have a content gap for people searching “[competitor] alternatives”, that’s a quick win (as the searcher is closer to the point of purchase). Conducting a content gap analysis is a smart way to find the “gaps” in your content. Along with a blank template, you can also download an excel content gap analysis example to more easily understand how it works and where information needs to be entered. Powerful, authoritative links have significantly more weight than lesser-known websites. This is because Google often values reputable news outlets as trusted sources.
I recommend that you use the same tool for every metric so that your numbers stay consistent across the board. TELEGRAM CHAT FOR SEO have covered this extensively in my guide to finding your real SEO competitors. When you think about it this way, an awareness of the context in which you’re trying to rank is absolutely essential. According to Semrush’s data, a little over 600 people are visiting that page alone.

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DinoRank has provided me with simple and concrete actions to improve my website. Now I know what to do to promote the URLs that I am most interested in positioning on my website. It tells you at a glance the
structure your articles should have to rank above the competition. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence’s blocking tools, or visit wordfence.com to learn more about Wordfence.
It also gives you a chance to identify new keyword opportunities based on what your competitors are (or are not) targeting. In the above example, you can see where there are several opportunities to create content at each stage of this buyer’s journey. You can create content that compares your service/product to your competitors or simply pose your brand as one of many solutions in a round-up post. This will help you come up with strategic content ideas that will pull in more traffic, convert more customers, and provide even more value to your target audience. This will only provide you with the rankings for the specified competitors but can still be very useful to compare your domain to a direct competitor.
This approach to prioritizing backlink opportunities provides a more accurate way for clients to check the value of a site and prioritize their efforts accordingly. Then, click on each individual domain and go through their pages to determine if there is any overlap in the topics they cover and the topics covered on your site. If there isn’t, strike that domain from your list and continue checking.

You will look at data that might even help uncover competitors you did not know existed, such as an exclusively online seller that does not compete with you at all in the brick-and-mortar sector. With SEO it’s important to think of a competitor as any entity that ranks higher than you for your essential keywords, whether or not it is an organization you traditionally consider a competitor. Though it may sound complicated, it’s easier than you think, especially with the right subject matter experts at your side. Hiring a marketing agency can ensure your keyword gap analysis is effective—and even help you implement your findings into your content marketing strategy. So it’s no surprise that SpyFu would also have decent tools for keyword gap analysis — and content gap analysis by extension.
Use the insights from your analysis to align your content creation efforts with the keywords that matter most. This way, you’ll not only provide valuable information to your audience but also give search engines a reason to put you on the top of the results page. Then, create new content or update existing content to include the keywords you are missing. A content gap analysis should focus on topics and keywords that are within your main areas of expertise and are likely to attract website traffic and potential customers. SEO content gap analysis also allows you to identify key opportunities to develop new content that could potentially outrank your competitors in organic search. In an SEO context, a content gap analysis is a process used to identify gaps in an organization’s content in comparison to competitors.
This content serves to address this problem and offer valuable information but not immediately convert the reader into a customer. Many brands focus on creating informative content in the form of blog posts to draw in a wider audience, and “money” pages to convert those users into buyers. Your goal is to create content for every stage of the buyer’s journey – whether they are “problem-aware,” “solution-aware,” or at the final decision stage of your purchasing journey. Analyzing your existing content offerings allows you to see where you might be missing valuable assets that could guide readers to the point of purchase. A content gap can be defined as the space between what users are seeking out on the web, and the results they receive.
This will give you an idea of just how much new content is needed moving forward. It’s also crucial that you use a content audit template because it will allow you to identify gaps in your current strategy. First, it helps you make sure you aren’t missing any gaps when it comes to content. Second, it allows for optimal organization of your newly found information (including topics and keywords). You must cater to important viewer questions, and draw out various options you may be considering.

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